ESKANDER INVESTIGATIONS prides itself on the work we do for attorneys. Regardless of your firm's size or speciality, we work closely with your attorneys and paralegals to provide the assistance you require. Our investigators have the experience to understand and even anticipate an attorney's needs.

    We have extensive experience in:

-Litigation Support: particularly criminal cases. We will locate the witnesses, interview them and document their statements through written reports, audio and/or video recording for all legal proceedings. We assist attorneys in serving witnesses that are difficult to locate or who are trying to evade service.

-Surveillance: we do our own covert surveillance operations 



    We have the top of the line equipments to document our covert surveillance operations. We document our operations by written reports, photographs and/or video recording.

    A Background check tells you if someone is being honest about their past or if they are lying about it. Pre-employment    Background is a common check we perform. It's also requested before marriage and.....

       Auto insurance fraud is most common where people stage accidents and take pictures; exaggerate injuries to driver and/or passengers and submit claims. often cars are reported stolen but in actuality have been taken apart and sold as parts.

      The term "Skip Tracing" refers to finding missing people. At ESKANDER INVESTIGATIONS

we have mastered the skill and the how to locate missing people. The success of  locating a missing person depends on the information the client provides. Your concerns are treated with the utmost discretion and sensitivity.

     Recent statistics show that 85% of women and 50% of men who feel that their lover is cheating are correct. Also, 21% of married men and 14 % of married women had committed adultry. At ESKANDER INVESTIGATIONS we can put your mind at ease. You can trust us to find the truth for you.

      From time to time we watch on T.V. about a Nanny who was arrested for brutally injuring, or worse, killing a baby who was in her care. The parents were overly trusting of their Nanny but could not explain the bruises on the child's body. If you have any suspicions, let's help you put your mind at ease by conducting an investigation.

    Employers lose billions of dollars every year paying out fraudulent Workers Compensation claims. We believe that Workers Compensation is strictly for those truly injured.

    We enjoy working with Workers Comp. claim professionals and understand their concerns. We're

familiar with WCAB laws that cover

        Only an Asset Search can determine whether or not a person or a business is using a false name, is involved in fraud, hiding assets or hiding a suspicious track record. Ordering an Asset Search will let you know if it's worth going to  court or not if you're owed money and if their claims of not having money to pay you are true.