"I tried, unsuccessfully, to find several friends, thru the internet, that I had not seen in 25 years. I am not on Face Book nor do I use other on-line sources of communication so my ability to locate people was very limited.

After several frustrating attempts, I decided to call Eskander Investigations services to help me locate these friends. Mr. Eskander used his investigative techniques to locate all of them within a week. I was extremely grateful when he notified me that he had the contact information for them.

I have since contacted all of the friends he located and have really enjoyed connecting with these special people from my past.

I find Mr. Eskander to be very meticulous and thorough in his work and I have already recommended his services to others."  

                                                                  ANNE W., LOS ANGELES              

I have used other investigative services for my Law Firm but your agency is the best. We prevailed in all the cases your agency investigated. No doubt I will refere Eskander Investigations to other attorneys.

                                                                                     G.M., Anaheim

You guys proved my doubts. His stories did not add up. I never thought of hiring a private investigator when it comes to someone I thought I trusted. I'm glad I used your services to check this guy out. Your report showed that he was full of lies. I had my hopes so high but I'm glad I know the truth now. He is gone. Thanks for your good job.                      

                                                                                                         Samira M.                                                                                 

N.P. I passed your agency's name to my friends to check their guys out.






Thank you very much Mr. Eskander for your professionalism. You made me feel very comfortable when I called. You put my mind at ease and was very understanding to my situation and my limited budget. You used the retainer for the best results.

                                                                   Nadia F., Los Angeles