Q-Will my request be confidential? 

    Your request will be absolutely confidential. You are the only one who will know about your request, the updates of the investigation, and the final outcome and the report.


Q-How do I contract your services?

    After initial contact by phone, or email, the client and a Senior Investigator can discuss a confidential contract. The sensitive information about the subject, pictures, addresses, vehicles, hours, and any other relevant information will need to be exchanged in a meeting that will be scheduled at your convenience with the Senior Investigator.


Q-Will anybody find out that I hired you?

   We make every efforts to keep every investigation extremely confidential.


Q-Will you maintain my confidentiality?

    An important part of our duty at ESKANDER INVESTIGATIONS is to maintain our clients' information confidential. Also, all information pertaining to the investigation will remain confidential. Only the individual authorized by the client, like their attorney, will be informed of the case.


Q-How do I find out about the cost and the rates?

    A single call to EKANDER INVESTIGATIONS, and after asking few questions to know the scope of the investigation, we will be able to tell you the cost involved. Our charges are very competitive.


Q-What's a retainer?

    It's a mutually agreed upon sum of money that the client agrees to pay, in advance, to secure the services of a professional.


Q-Do you require a retainer?

    A retainer is required on the majority of cases. All charges will be billed against the retainer. The retainer is the portion of what the estimated total of the investigation will be. Upon completion of the investigation, you will be advised of the outstanding balance. The investigation finding will be released upon receipt of all outstanding balance.


Q-How much retainer do I need?

    After talking to you for few minutes to discuss the case, we will be able to tell you how much a retainer will be to start the investigation. Several cases are just a flat rate.


Q-How much will the investigation cost?

    Every case is different. There are many variables involved in each case. Detemining the fee for a particular investigation is estimated after a FREE consultation call to ESKANDER INVESTIGATIONS. After asking few questions to know the scope of the investigation and understand your particular situation, we will be able to give you a quote. We aim to accommodate all of our clients and their budgets. There are many affordable options.


Q-What if I don't need a written contract?

    A written contarct is needed to retain ESKANDER INVESTIGATIONS. It's required by the law that governs our profession.


Q-If I need an investigation tomorrow, will you be able to accept this as a "rush" request? Is there an extra charge?

    This would depend on our case schedule. If we are able to fit you in, we will be more than happy to fulfill your request. We will let you know if your request is acceptable as soon as possible. There's a slightly higher fee for "rush" investigations.


Q-When will my investigation begin?

    Once you have decided to retain ESKANDER INVESTIGATIONS, your case will start immediately.


Q-How long will the investigation take?

    The length of the investigation depends on the type of the investigation. However, there's no real way to determine how long an investigation will take. Some cases will take few hours to solve while others will take significantly longer. After the original consultation, we will be able to establish a better idea about how long an investigation may take.


Q-I'm thinking about requesting surveillance investigation but I don't have a large enough budget to hire two investigators?

    We strongly recommend using multible investigators for surveillance investigation. However, we could accept one investigator request as long as you understand that the result may take longer to achieve. Of course, we will do our best for you and finish the investigation as soon as possible.


Q-I don't have any photos of the subject. Can you still conduct an investigation?

    Yes, we can. Please provide the subject's description and vehicle information.


Q-If I have additional information that I feel may be useful in my investigation, how can I tell you about this information?

    Please contact the detective handling your investigation as soon as you can. This additional information may speed up the investigation and get to a faster conclusion.


Q-How can I know if my case has a solution?

   Every case has different aspects and circumstances. We can determine if there's a simple solution or if there may be a complex one. Feel free to contact ESKANDER INVESTIGATIONS for an analysis of your particular case and we will provide you with a specific solution. Consultation is free.


Q-Do I get updates so I know what is going on with my case?

   We maintain close contact with our clients at their discretion. We provide frequent status reports either by phone or email.


Q-Will I get a report?

    After your case is completed, you will be provided with a final report of the investigation, which is a detailed report that contains all the information that was gathered in your case. We will also provide any video/audio tapes, photographs, and any other documents that might apply in your case, unless you opt-out. We prepare the reports in an evidentiary manner for use in court if needed. Our private investigators will be ready to testify in any court proceeding on their finding.


Q-How long does it take to receive the final report?

    The final written report will be completed within 2-4 days after the conclusion of the case. The report will then be mailed and/or emailed to you, at your choice.    


Q-What is the success rate of surveillance investigation?

     I would say the success rate of moving surveillance for most Private Investigators in the U.S. is higher than 90% with three investigators, 80% with two investigators, and 60 to 70 % with one investigator.


Q-Do I already have enough to prove that my spouse/partner is cheating?

    Unfortunately there's no agency that can guarantee results and it's illegal for us to do so per our licensing laws. It's impossible to predict what any investigation will uncover prior to immersing ourselves into the case. Any agency making claims of guaranteering results in not being straight forward with you. We make every effort and utilize all of our experience and resources to solve your case.


Q-Will I get pictures or videos?

    Pictures and videos are considered physical evidence. ESKANDER INVESTIGATIONS will attemp to provide you with as much physical evidence combined with eyewitness testimonies. While most clients desire pictures or videos  either one will offer the necessary evidence you need to prove your case. ESKANDER INVESTIGATIONS will make every efforts possible to obtain both. We shoot evidentiary video but we never compromise the integrity of the case, which is paramount.


Q-What is the difference between a Private Investigator and  Private Detective?

    There's no specific difference between a Private Investigator and a Private Detective; either term can be used when referring to a licensed professional who offers investigative services.