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Background investigation helps find out pertinent information on an individual. It also tells you if someone is being honest about their past or if they are lying about it. A client may ask for a background check before commitment in a romantic relationship, before marriage, or before hiring a Nanny. A background check may also be requested for a business partner, before a business venture, pre/post litigation, and before employment.

        A background check will normally include: criminal and civil litigation history, marital status, past bankruptcies and tax liens, to name a few. A deeper level of background check includes contact with neighbors, associates and friends to find out about personal habits, character, reputation, dating history, alcohol/drug use, and social status. Attorneys and parties in litigation many times want to know more about the opposing side or witnesses. Our pre-employment background check will put your mind at ease. It's the best investment a business person can make. Don't leave the future of your business to chance.

   At ESKANDER INVESTIGATIONS we offer our clients the opportunity to tailor the background check to fit their needs.

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