Worker's Compensation


    Each year employers lose billions of dollars paying out fraudulent workers' compensation claims. We believe that workers' compensation is strictly for those truly injured. 

     We enjoy working with workers' comensation claim professionals and understand their concerns.

We're familar with WCAB laws pertaining to the way surveillance video and audio evidence are admitted at trial. Our surveillance and AOE/COE reports are concise, well written and submitted to our clients in a timely manner. We will keep our clients updated via email or phone calls. Our surveillance of the subject is to ensure that they're compliant with the workers' comp. doctor's orders. Or we can simply provide you, the employer, with a piece of mind that your employees are not engaged in a frivolous claims.

    The most crucial factor in defeating workers' compensation fraud is the effective use of the Sub-Rosa surveillance to refute injury limitation claims alleged by the claimant. A picture tells a thousand words is the key factor when we deliver top quality videos that clearly show the claimant is exaggerating or falsifying the existence or extent of an injury.The only way workers' compensation fraud can be proven is to show through surveillance that an individual can return to work and be productive. Our experienced surveillance team knows what to look for and how to document it. Our videos will show the facts that the claimant cannot refute. Call Today 

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        Let's fight Workers' Comp. fraud.