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ESKANDER INVESTIGATIONS prides itself on the work we do for attorneys. Regardless of your firm's size or speciality, we work closely with your attorneys and paralegals to provide the assistance you require. Our investigators have the experience to understand and even anticipate an attorney's need.

We have extensive experience in:


-Litigation Support: particularly criminal cases. We will locate the witnesses, even the ones that are difficult to locate or are trying to evade service. We will interview the witnesses and document their statement through written, audio and/or video recording for all legal proceedings. We recognize that legal testimony to support documented information is essential when hiring a Private Investigator. Our documentation (videos/photos/reports) are prepared to be presented in any legal proceeding along the testimony of the investigator.

We will  also do Accident Investigation, Surveillance, Photography, Video Evidence and Videography.

We will help your law firm or legal team get the pertinent information needed to prepare and present a case before a Judge or Jury.


-Surveillance: Our experienced investigators use the top quality equipments to document the best evidence to support your case. We offer our information gathering surveillance experience in your cases of Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Infidelity and Assets Allocation.


-Background Check: for anyone taking part in your legal case.


-Civil Trial Preparation: We will meet with the attorney or the person requesting the investigation to discuss the case objectives and the budget, and then decide on the course of action. We may incorporate into the investigation; surveillance, background check, witness interviews and statment, photography and other techniques to get the answers, the evidence and the facts necessary to prevail.

Examples of Civil cases we handle:

 Accident investigation, Insurance Fraud, Medical Malpractice, Worker's Compensation and Product Liability


-Family Law Court cases: Assisting with Divorce and Child Custody cases.


-Adoption Searches


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